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Plein Air Liaison, Inc

We offer painting demos, lectures, paint-outs, classes, plein air workshops, plein air tours, adventure expeditions and plein air related events primarily throughout California, but also throughout the US and abroad.

To become a member of Plein Air Liaison is to make a commitment to continually challenge ourselves---to see the big picture outside of ourselves and to bring about positive change through our dedication to plein air painting, our commitment to our community and cultural exchange by engaging and inspiring others.

Plein Air Liaison offers discounts to PAL | atelier™ members.


To all PAL | atelier™ Members:


We realize that your preferences can change over time, so if you've already registered for a PAL atelier™ workshop and you've changed your mind, your deposit can also be used on any future Plein Air Liaison™ event and is not limited to the specific event of your original registration. Use your deposit to select that special event that suits your interests—maybe you’ll choose to go on a plein air wine-tasting tour with us in the Napa Valley, attend a lecture, a workshop or museum hop around France or Italy—no matter the preferred class, workshop or adventure, we are sure to have something that suits your fancy!​


Under the policies of PAL atelier™ and Plein Air Liaison™, your deposits are also transferable. That means you can transfer your initial deposit to another creative individual of your choice at no additional charge—is there any better way to give the gift of a creative workshop?

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