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Anyone can rent space at PAL Atelier – PAL members get automatic discounts but even if you don’t need to rent out the entire atelier, you can enjoy a price break if you book a full 8 hr day, buy a dozen hours to use throughout the year, or sign up for a Monthly Atelier Membership. Normal business hours are 9-5 M-F, But it's possible that weekday evenings and weekend rental time slots may be arranged with enough advanced notice. (Three hour minimum required for after hour evening use and weekends.)

You or Your Own Private Group at the PAL Atelier

PAL Atelier

A Professional Model for Art or Photography Sessions


Exterior Patio Space near Front Entrance


Printer Service - Print Color Copies

$.25 ea

Printer Service - Print B/W Copies

$.05 ea

Additional Folding Chairs

$5 ea

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PAL Members, Non-Profit Groups - Rent 3 + hours


Non-PAL Members - Rent 3+ hours


Non-PAL Members - 12 Hr Package - (good for 1 year)


Non-PAL Members - Full Day Rate (8 hrs)


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