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From Plein Air to Studio

with Ray Roberts

Jul 13-16, 2018

Hours: 9am-4pm

This 4-day workshop will be divided into 2 days on location painting Sonoma County scenes to be used for creating a medium sized studio painting during the other 2 days.



Ray will demonstrate his approach to gathering all pertinent aspects in the field respective to the finished painting; scouting, anticipating, painting quick color sketches (lots), pre-mixing, photo-referencing, and ultimately designing a studio painting.



In the studio, it’s all about design! You’ve gathered all the information in the field, now it’s time to edit. My approach is to make a visual statement. Successful studio painting requires adequate information of your subject with accurate color and value and supporting elements. Ray will walk you through your idea and assist you with your approach and strategy.



Very Important! With this being a study-to-studio workshop, students will need to be prepared for both parts of the workshop. Listed on the supply list are supplies for the outdoor portion and students will need to bring photos and/or a laptop to work from in the studio portion of this workshop.


For those working from photograph prints, it will be best to work from the largest size possible and to have different exposures for lights and dark.


Those using laptops will benefit from having Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installed. 



Ideally, we’ll be working from photos and sketches from the week. It’s okay if students would rather try to work up something from a different location (in case of less than ideal weather) but absolutely must have thorough and quality photo reference to work from as well as a good accompanying color sketch.

Instruction / Painting Time: 24 Hours Total

Location:  On location & Indoors

Class size: 10 max

Medium: Oil, Arylics are OK 

Level: Beginner to Professional


(please read our workshop policy prior to registering)

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