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Painting the Still Life & Figure in Gouache or Watercolor

with Peggi Kroll Roberts (Oils are OK too!)

Sep 24-25, 2016

Hours: 9am-4pm

In Peggi's upcoming mini-workshop, we will paint the still life and the figure in simple costumes and props. There will be lots of demonstrations emphasizing the big shapes and establishing their relationships correctly. This workshop is great for beginning to advanced students alike, in a comfortable and easy-going atmosphere.  


"We will cover a lot of canvas-burning mileage by painting smaller sizes. I believe that more is learned through many small starts than laboring over a large canvas."


                                                                             -Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instruction / Painting Time: 12 Hours Total

Location: Indoors & weather permitting, PAL Atelier's Plein Air Patio

Class size: 9 max

Medium: Gouache & Watercolor; Oils & Acrylics are OK as well

Level: Beginner to Professional


(please read our workshop policy prior to registering)

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