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Abstracting the Landscape

with Carole Gray-Weihman

(Dates to be Determined)

Hours: 9am-noon, 1-4pm

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1-3:  Landscape on Location 9am - noon, 1pm - 4pm,  (During Inclement Weather: We'll work on a studio painting based on your landscape studies. For the beginner, we'll do indoor Still-Life)  


Learn how the effective use of colors in a beautiful combination can transmit the moods of a landscape. Carole will guide you in an honest approach of seeing and understanding color relationships and the many light keys of nature. Color, values, drawing and composition with an emphasis on seeing the big shapes and their relationships will be taught through a series of exercises, one-on-one instruction and demonstrations.  


Carole Gray-Weihman's Statement: "Light and color are my main inspirations. Being inspired by what I see, ultimately has me searching for more. I try to look at what to eliminate or simplify in order to make a statement--to not just record the light effect, but the mood of the place or of the day. Often, we get too attached to a comfortable idea behind our work. We limit ourselves and the possibilities of our interpretations. As much as I'm passionate about interpreting the color and light effect of a scene, that's usually just the springboard for me to dive deeper. Though I've spent over fifteen years studying the Hawthorne/Hensche approach to seeing color, how I paint and what I teach, comes from the culmination of that training, as well as personal introspection, and what I've learned by studying under many well-known painters of today."  


In this workshop, you'll receive a series handouts to take home:


  • "The Study of the Language of Light & Color - The Hawthorne / Hensche Principle"

  • "The Landscape as A Living Thing" "On Concept & Composition"

  • "Carole's Notes on Landscape Painting"

  • "On Composing Pictures"

Instruction / Painting Time: 18 Hours Total

Location: Outdoors, various locations in Petaluma & Sonoma County, CA

Class size: 12 max

Medium: Oil preferred; Acrylic acceptable

Level: Beginner to Professional

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