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Painting the Sonoma Coast

with Alfredo Tofanelli

Nov 6-8, 2016

Hours: 9am-noon, 1-4pm

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1-3:  Landscape on Location 9am - noon, 1pm - 4pm,  (During Inclement Weather: We'll work on a studio painting based on your landscape studies. For the beginner, we'll do indoor Still-Life)  


Painting the Sonoma Coast en plein air is what this workshop is about. Al will start by covering the fundamentals of plein air painting with an emphasis on keeping the composition simple. He will briefly cover composition, design, drawing, value, color and edges. He will talk about processes that will help you be more successful with your plein air painting but will also help with all your painting. Al will then give a short painting demonstration followed by the students setting up outdoors and painting the landscape. Al will work with each student to help and guide them, answering questions, pointing out areas that are working in each painting and offering suggestions on how to improve the painting overall. Whether the student is a beginner or a professional plein air painter the student will take away valuable knowledge that they can apply to all their future painting.

Instruction / Painting Time: 18 Hours

Location: Outdoors on Location - Sonoma County Coastline

Class Size: 12 max

Medium: Oil preferred; acrylic acceptable

Level: Beginner to Professional


$400 ($100 deposit to reserve)

(please read our workshops policy prior to registering)

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