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Color Boot Camp

with Camille Przewodek

Aug 6-10, 2018

Hours: 9am - noon, 1:30-4:30pm (Monday starts at 8am)

Good color, or color that expresses the light key of nature, can make even the most mundane subject matter strikingly beautiful. "Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision---it is the seeing of the thing that makes it so." (From Hawthorne on Painting).   "I see a remarkable change in my students' work after only one day of painting. They begin to see color in the shadows. Many students say they have discovered a world of color that has changed them forever---their vision has been altered."  


"We will start out the first two days doing still-life study out of doors which will prepare us to tackle the landscape. Wednesday and Thursday we will be on location painting landscape studies. On Friday, we will do head and clothed figure in the morning, and still-life or landscape in the afternoon. During inclement weather, we'll be doing still-life indoors. You'll have the opportunity to paint a color study before lunch, followed by two color studies in the afternoon."  


Camille will be teaching the structure of the landscape--what is important to include as well as what to leave out. These workshops concentrate on the development of strong starts, and focus on expressing the big masses, light key and aerial perspective with color. There'll also be several demonstrations given throughout the week.  


We encourage you to bring your original artwork or photos of your work. Camille will give you questions to ponder during the week and talk to you about your personal vision as an artist.


Models are available to pose en plein air on the last day (Friday) of each workshop for those students who wish to gain experience in applying this color approach to the figure and portrait. Still-life set ups will also be available on the last day.  

Instruction / Painting Time: 31 Hours Total

Location: Indoors / PAL Atelier Plein Air Patio / On Location Outdoors

Class Size: 20 max

Medium: Oil

Level: Beginner to Professional


$675 ($200 deposit to reserve)

(please read our workshop policy prior to registering)

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