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Mondays with Camille

Instructor: Camille Przewodek

Mondays (Year Round Classes)

Hours: 9am-noon

In "Mondays with Camille", the still-life and landscape will be the subject matter with the focus on seeing values and color correctly and understanding their relationships to each other. There will be occasional demonstrations emphasizing the big shapes and establishing their relationships correctly. Students will receive plenty of one-on-one instruction and individual demonstrations as needed. 

Instruction / Painting Time: 3 Hours Total

Location: Still Life in the Studio, the Atelier Plein Air Patio, Camille's private studio & Landscape on Location in Petaluma and surrounding areas 

Class size:  8-20 max (depending on location)

Medium: Oil 

Level: Beginner to Professional

$140 (for 4 classes) or $40 (per class)

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